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Kentucky Sports Radio

I just returned from a trip to beautiful Kentucky. On Tuesday evening, I made dinner for the kids and hit the road toward Madisonville. The highlight of my drive was watching two Army helicopters fly parallel into the sunset by Ft. Campbell.

Bright and early on Wednesday, I made it over to Hudson Toyota for a live broadcast of the Kentucky Sports Radio show prior to a day of shooting. I have often been accused of talking a lot, but Matt Jones and Drew Franklin kept it going for 2 solid hours -- without a hiccup! I don’t know what was more impressive -- them, or the catering. The Hudson Team had quite the spread!

Jeff and I then made our rounds through Owensboro (which was gorgeous), Madisonville, and Hopkinsville to work through some upcoming campaigns. After a 7:30 wrap and a close encounter with 2 scary gas station guys, I picked up a salad and Frosty for the road. I survived the adventure home, and I am looking forward to another trip up the Pennyrile Parkway!

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