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From the Mountains to the Coast

July was a hot month full of travels! I had quite the adventure as I made my way up to Greenbrier Chevrolet and Greenbrier Ford in West Virginia. It included cancelled flights, multiple delays and even an airport change. When I finally arrived at my re-routed destination (the Beckley airport), I realized I was the only one there, except for a couple and their baby. There were no rental cars to be found. So with a prayer, I called a taxi to take me over the mountains and through the woods to the Holiday Inn Express in Lewisburg. Thankfully, the hour taxi trek turned out just fine. By the time I arrived I was so happy to be there that I snagged an apple from “tomorrows” breakfast bar and hit the hay. I awoke to the most beautiful 50 degree weather I have ever seen in the month of July, and enjoyed a great morning on the lot recording some ads for the upcoming season!

This trip was followed by a last minute road trip with my family to Hudson Nissan in North Charleston. The heat index was 109 and it was so hot on the lot that I’m pretty sure my makeup dripped off before the first set of ads were complete. As soon as we wrapped, we headed to Isle of Palms (with pretty much every other person in Charleston) for a day at the beach!

To Greenbrier, West Virginia and Charleston, SC, thank you for having me! Check out one of the ads we shot!

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